Few words with Oldenhammer.com

I’m a great fan of www.oldenhammer.com. Your painted miniatures are amazing. How did you discover Imperial Assault?

Thanks for the kind words, Sebastien! I jumped on Imperial Assault as soon as it was released in 2014. I had been playing and very much enjoying Fantasy Flight Games' dungeon crawler "Descent", and then heard that they were remaking it as a Star Wars miniature combat game. I was hooked right away, before Imperial Assault even hit the shelves.

Did you painted all miniatures from the begining ?

Yes, right from the very start. I spent my Christmas vacation in 2014 happily painting Stormtrooper after Stormtrooper.

What is your favorite?

They are all my children.

You did an amazing Desert Skiff. How did you had this idea ? How long is this project?

I'm glad you enjoyed the skiff. One of the first things I did after opening "Jabba's Realm" was to look at the map tiles to see how the game designers portrayed the Sarlacc Pit and the desert skiffs. To be honest, I was pretty disappointed -- the Sarlacc Pit was cut in half and the skiffs weren't portrayed at all. So I set out to create my own. They didn't take long to make once I found the basic model to convert. (As you probably know from my blog, I used some old Micro Machine models as the basis for my skiffs).

I like your smuggler conversion too. Where did you find his head ? And how did you imagine this ?

Before Fantasy Flight Games had the licence for Star Wars miniatures, Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) produced a huge line of pre-painted plastic figurines. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the WOTC miniatures, but they are a fantastic resource if you want to add some spice to your Imperial Assault miniatures. I've personalized Alliance Smugglers, Rebel Saboteurs and Hired Guns all using heads ripped off from WOTC models.

Your pictures are amazing. Do you have a studio or something like this ?

I just use my smart phone (with a tripod) to take pictures. But I go to a lot of effort to get the lighting right. Lighting is the biggest problem when trying to photograph miniatures. So I used a light-box (called the Foldio) with a number of extra lights in the daylight spectrum.

Do you play to Imperial Assault ? Campaign, Skirmish? If yes, can you tell me what do you think about the game ? About last wave ? Do you play in tournament sometimes ?

I'm a pretty casual player.  I have yet to run through the campaign. The painting is much more important to me. But I'm lucky enough to have some good friends who like playing skirmish with me. We just noodle around and try different army builds, and when we have a particularly amusing game, I try to write it up for my blog (for example, "A Bantha Too Far"... http://www.oldenhammer.com/2016/05/imperial-assault-battle-report-bantha_25.html)


I participated in my first tournament a few weeks ago. To be honest, I had mixed feelings about it. Everyone was really nice and the games were a lot of fun. I made it to the final table and was defeated by Canada's current national champion. But, on the other hand, I'm not sure I'll do another tournament. People take the game so seriously, and it's not really in my bones to get so worked up about something as fun and goofy as Imperial Assault. That being said, I have a lot of respect for people who think deeply about the game -- for example, I'm a big fan of boardwars.eu.

As far as the last wave goes... I think it contains real game-changers. Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight is a must-have for Rebels, and Jabba is the same for the Mercenaries. I know that FFG tries to keep the new releases balanced, but I don't know if they were completely successful with these figure packs.

What are your next painting project?

I just finished painting a zombie war-band for Saga, another miniature skirmish game that I very much enjoy. After that, I hope to get back to painting some Citadel miniatures from the 1980's... I love vintage miniatures. 

Thanks Matthiew !